frustrated womanYou've avoided that pile of Medicare health plan materials that lands on your table a few months before you turn 65 and every October if you're already on Medicare. Wouldn't it be great to have a licensed Medicare health plan expert come to your house when you want to explain it all for free???


Whether you are initially qualifying for Medicare, or are considering changing your plan during Medicare's Open Enrollment period, it's important to have all of the facts to make the best decision for YOU.


The best way to accomplish this is for me to make a house call.  My office is your home - this is where all of your medical information is (list of doctors, prescription bottles, etc - everything we'll need to develop a clear understanding of your situation).  I'll make an appointment to meet with you at your convenience, and I can accommodate any time your schedule dictates.


I'll explain how Original Medicare works, the coverage and cost differences between Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans, and go through all of your prescriptions, doctors, and medical needs to do a cost/benefit analysis that will clearly show you which plan is the best solution for your individual insurance needs.


frustrated coupleThis whole process takes very little time and will give you the perspective you need in making your choice.  There is NO OBLIGATION in meeting with me and there are NEVER COSTS for my services.  I am compensated by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island, United Healthcare, and Aetna and the terms of each plan I offer as an agent are identical to what you receive directly through all three of these companies.